Pressure Pot Caddy - HDPE

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Double shelf Pressure Pot Caddy, HDPE material
No more spills sticking to your plates!
Support your blank mold to load and unload your Pressure Pot with ease.

Fits most standard size 2.5 gallon 5 Gallon pressure pots.
2.5 Gal, 9" diameter x 8" tall.
5 Gal, 11.6" diameter x 11.8" tall.

Remove the shelves to hold tall molds and easily add a shelf to hold several small molds. Shelf lifts in and out.

Designed for the Vertical Casting System using 0.8" x 7" HDPE or 3/4" PVC tubes (not provided). Standard 12 hole design.

Easy assembly, only 4 screws (2.5gal) or 8 screws (5gal) - 4-40 Stainless Steel screws and nuts provided.
Note: The Laser cutting process will leave a melted edge, If desired, use a scraper or utility knife to remove the melted edge. Use Denatured Alcohol for easy clean up.

You can order blank (no holes) shelves instead of the VCS ones, or you can add 2 blank shelves in addition to. Order Combo shelves gets you 2 - blank and 2 VCS (holes)
I suggest assembly with the base smooth side up and use the shelves with the smooth side up so any spilled epoxy will peel off easily. Peels off either way however. Also note that the smooth side is considered the "bad" side from the HDPE manufacture. this side may show scratches and scuffs that will not effect the use of this product.

Custom sizes available.

2 - Side walls
1 - top handle'
2 - shelf
1 - base
2(4) - #4-40 Pan head, for attaching handle
2(4) - #4-40 flat head, for attaching base
4(8) - #4-40 square nuts