Vertical Casting System

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Vertical Casting System

Kit includes:
4 - 7" Casting tubes, HDPE - Choose Diameter sizes below, 3/4 (0.86") or 5/8 (0.625")
4 - Silicone rubber stoppers

Cast your own vertical blanks! Use the Pressure Pot Caddy to hold your tubes for easy casting.

1. To insert the silicon stopper. place the stopper in the palm of one hand, and while pressing the tub onto the stopper, twist with a clockwise rotation like you are screwing the tub onto the stopper. It should slip right in. Then use you first knuckle to press the center of the stopper so it is flat, or slightly concave to ensure the tube is completely seated against the rim.

2. Use of mold release is recommend, but with HDPE, not required (results may very).

3. To remove the stopper, squeeze the base and gently rock back and forth. Leaving the stopper in the tube when not in use is not recommended. Over time The silicon could become accustom to that smaller size and not seal properly.

4. If you use your own tubes, be sure to put a small chamfer on both the inside of the cut edge to prevent the sharp edge from cutting into the silicon.

5. if you don't already, use a 90 degree elbow on your air inlet in your pressure pot so when pressurizing, you don't spray air directly into the tubes, splattering resin all over inside your pot. let the air in slowly to prevent blow out.

6. After the resin is cured, use a push rod to eject the blank out the other end. Note, Push the blank out from the open end thus pushing the stopper out if possible. After curing there is no air between the stopper and the blank, so removing the stopper can be a challenge as the two will create a strong vacuum.

7. If your blanks are stubborn and will not budge, place the tubes, stoppers and all, into the freezer for about an hour+. The cured resin will shrink just enough to pull away from the tubes allowing easier extraction.

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