VCS Stoppers Set of 4

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Silicon Rubber Stoppers for Vertical Casting tubes. (set of 4)

Easy to insert stoppers for casting round blanks using the VCS casting tubes.
Each stopper has a center point and leaves a divot in the casting to mark center.

Recommend using the VCS - HDPE tubes.

Type 90 are designed to fit in the 3/4" (0.90") VCS HDPE casting tubes, Sold separately
Type 85 are a bit smaller, fitting the Clear 3/4"  PVC tubes (0.85")
Type 63 are designed for the 5/8" (0.63") VCS HDPE casting tubes, Sold Separately

If you use your own tubes, be sure to chamfer the inside edge to prevent cutting into the silicone and ease insertion.

Made of silicone rubber.
Clean with Denatured Alcohol or soap and water.

Set of 4 stoppers, Choose size

Contact me for custom sizes and molds!

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