Berd-Air MAX v2 Basic Kit

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The ORIGINAL Berd-Air cooling system.

Benefits of the MAX v2 Basic kit.
> Larger primary tube means less restriction on the pump allowing it to run cooler and quieter.
> Tube quick connects allows for multiple configurations and easy maintenance.
>Extra tubing now available by the foot 
Everything you need to get started with Berd-Air cooling. This system uses a small cooling ring that encircles your nozzle, blowing air directly onto your print. Cooling it more effectively than the conventional side fans.

Each kit includes:

1  Berd-Air MAX Cooling Pump - 24Volt or 12volt
1  Berd-Air Cooling pipe Ring (Left direction)
1  Berd-Air Cooling straight Pipe
1  E-Z Switch to interface your pump.
1  2mm "Y" Adapter
1  2mm I.D. x 300mm (~1 foot) tubing
1  5mm I.D x 900mm (~3 foot) tubing
1  Quick release 2mm x 5mm

Connect one end of the 5mm tubing to the Pump, the other to the Quick release at your desired location. Connect the 2mm tube to the other end of the Quick release and slide the other end of the 2mm tubing over the Berd-Air nozzle. Y adapter is optional to connect side pipe.

The Berd-Air cooling pipe ring is designed to wrap around the nozzle of your printer directing air flow onto the material immediately after being applied.
This helps prevent softening and goo build up with small perimeter parts. The Straight pipe is cut at about a 45 degree creating a "fan" type output and also opens up the end of the pipe for better airflow. These two pipes can be "Y"' together with the provided Y adapter and positioned to your specifications for Maximum air cooling from a single pump.

The Berd-Air cooling pipe is 4" in length (straight part) and can be bent and cut easily.
The Berd-Air Straight pipe is 4" in Length

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Installation tips:
> Connection Diagram Here.
>3D printable mounts can be found on:
> Use 12/24 volt power from your printers supply to operate the pump.
> Use of the E-Z switch (included in Kit) allows easy interfacing with your controller board. A PWM will affect the speed of the pump, thus controlling the amount of air flow. (works with 24v PWM signals)
> Cut approximately 1" to 1.5" of the 5mm tubing and place it onto the intake port of the pump motor. This will help reduce noise.

** WARNING ** connecting this pump directly to your FAN output on your motor controller is not recommend. Damage to the FAN MOSFET could occur. I highly recommend the use of the supplied E-Z switch or similar to act as a buffer to prevent damage to your printer control board. If direct connection is a must, be sure the FAN output from your controller can handle at least 1.5 amps.

Pump Motor specifications:

Rated voltage: DC12V or 24V
Rated Current: DC 12V -2000mA  DC24-1200mA
Current rating: 150 ma @ 24 v
Maximum pressure: > 525 mmHg (80 kpa)
The biggest vacuum: < - 375 MMHG 50 kpa (-)
Air flow: > 17.0 L/Min (Higher air flow than previous pumps)
Noise: < 60 dB
Diameter: Φ7.0mm
Size: Φ 60 * 120

* Appearance may very

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